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  • They are either un-cooked or extruded
  • The feeds are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements ofnormal, healthy dogs.
  • They are highly nutritious and palatable for dogs
  • Hound meal – it is for all dogs apart from puppies
  • Snappets – it is for young dogs
  • Dog biscuits – for young dogs
  • Besbones – for all dogs except puppies
  • Puppy meal – for puppies only

Pre-cooked pet food

  • These are pre-cooked feeds which require less preparation time before
  • The ingredients are mixed and passed through dies under steam and
    high temperature for the extrusion process
  • They include: Besbix snappets, Besbix dog biscuits, Besbix Besbone,
    Besbix Hound Meal and P&A Puppy meal.

Un-cooked pet food

  • These are raw feeds that require cooking before consumption2. This category includes Besbix Hound meal